This Is Your Brain on the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy

Article credit: Erin Gloria Ryan

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I love you, Ana! Christian says constantly. Anastasia, like a squirrel with a head injury, in turn wonders whether or not Christian loves her. Could it be love? “I love you, Anastasia,” Christian would say, again, and Ana’s horny rodent brain wonders anew if it was, in fact, love. Then she’d “misbehave,” and Christian would hiss that he wanted to beat her up, and Anastasia would get super turned on, but also scared. For a thousand pages.

Yeah, that about sums it up. I literally LOLd throught this review, that P.S., has spoilers. snorts
And, FINE, OK, YES, I’VE READ THE TRILOGY TWICE. So sue me. It’s like crack, but junky crack, and you just can’t not do the junky crack because you MUST find out what dark alley with a dead body in a dumpster you may end up in.