cost 2 drive

ShaNaNaMoFo Day Three

I’m gonna keep plugging along at this whole NaBloPoMo dealio, kids.

I came across this on Pinterest (follow me!) and thought it was mightily groovalicious so I’d share it with you.

cost 2 drive website

You put in two addresses, what kind of car you’ll be driving, and how many passengers. It checks gas costs and even tells you where you’ll have to gas up again (look at the little gas pumps). If you put in how many passengers, it’ll do the math to split the cost for you. I input my information; my address, my sister’s address, and what I drive and here’s what came up:

click to embiggen

Pretty cool, huh?!

cost to drive appThere’s an app in iTunes for it. It doesn’t have real great ratings right now, but I still thought it was a pretty cool idea and once they iron out the wrinkles, they’ll really have something. I just downloaded the app and it’s free, so nothing to lose, right? **shrugs**