Dare I dream?!

Thursday I went and looked through a property for rent just a few blocks from my house. It would be perfect for a graphic design and photography studio!

The first floor is pretty big. It’s got plenty of room for a big conference table, or a medium conference table and a couch and a couple chairs. It’s got built in shelving I could put some mild Passion Party products and some Thirty-one products on. I was thinking maybe I could rent it by the hour to people who were looking for a meeting place that didn’t want to meet at a restaurant or bar. Such as, oh, I don’t know, other consultants whose hostesses didn’t want to have a party at their place or a noisy bar?! Or professionals who just need to meet with a client for an hour or two? It’s got a bathroom and a storage room on that floor too. Eventually I could have pop and snacks available. Sealed, of course; I don’t want to mess with food preparation and all the rules that go with it.



Then the second floor could be my studio. Its even got a second entrances itch concrete steps and a pretty, old-fashioned awning. There’s walls that have huge windows looking out onto Mt Vernon Road. The windows are so big, two of the walls are more window than wall! I would love to put my desk there in front of one big window then the other two would provide amazing natural light so I could get some shots without using flash. Then there’s another room that could be the photography studio with lots of space for all the lights and backdrops. There’s a room right behind it that could be storage for all my photo props. Then there’s a door that goes out to a little patio where folks could relax and smoke so I wouldn’t have people smoking in front of the building. There’s a small alcove and another small room that used to be a small kitchen and breakfast nook. There’s built in shelving taking up one wall that is very pretty and ornate much more interesting than a plain shelving. It’s designed so you can make a small circle going from room to room so it’s open.

Then there’s a third floor that has a full bathroom and another room with one wall that’s a big closet all the length of the wall.

There’s walls and more walls and even more walls that I can fill up with my photography for sale, gallery-style.

I took video for Tom and I’ll share it with you.

It’s perfect.

It’s absolutely perfect.

Here’s the BUT.

Rent? Is $1790 a month. **sighs**

Even with the graphic design and the photography and renting the conference room by the hour… I’m not sure I could break even with rent that high.

But a girl can dream.

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