Silly confessions

When I play Words With Friends on my iPhone (I’m dorydorydory on there! Hit me up! Then smack me for saying, “Hit me up!” like I can pull that off, puh-lease.) and I beat someone, I take a screenshot. When I get more than 30 points for a word, I take a screenshot.


I don’t know.

Future blackmail?

Widening a collection of useless screenshots?

I’m just a butthole who needs to capture evidence of victory?

Perhaps we’ll never know.

Your turn!

What’s your silly confession?

1 thought on “Silly confessions

  1. And I am the terrible opponent (which sounds SO much better in French, “Un terrible adversaire” – I REALLY had to look for a better way of saying that) who only replies every few days. I am sorry, my friend.

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