A moment in the life (brought to you by Tom & Erin)

We interrupt your regularly scheduled artsy fartsy photography to bring you a plain ol’ everyday moment-in-life iPhone shot with a little story behind it.

If you’ve followed me any length of time, you probably know that we have two Jack Russell Terriers in our family. I love these, dare I call them, dogs like none other.

When Erin and Elli get a bug up their butts and start playing and rough housing, for some reason known only to Erin, she’ll dart away and yell in Dad’s ear and run back and play. We don’t know if she’s telling him that Elli isn’t playing fair or if she’s just vairvair excited. We just know it’s vitally important that she tell Dad. Loudly. Repeatedly.

This is one of those times. +Tom Asby was just trying to get his boots on and Erin ran in to tell him. Loudly. Repeatedly. Something. We still haven’t figured out what.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled artsy fartsy photography.