I sure could use your help!

Passion Parties offers a special called “Business Builder” to each consultant in their first and then second calendar month. The goal is $1000 in sales then I get $500 in free product! I could get items to demo at my parties or give away for hostess incentives or keep (we’ll call this Research & Development *wink*)! This is only available to me January 1 – 31 and then February 1 – 28.

How you can help:

Get the word out. My Facebook Pages are here (Mild) and here (Wild).

Order. I do have to turn it in as one big order, and I can only take cash or check. I can take cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or Paypal. If you want to order, please go to www.designyourpassion.com and click on Shop Online. My online shopping page has product categories on the left side of the page. If you want to shop but see NO adult toys, then only click on these categories: RomantaTherapy, Massage Essentials, and Sensual Touch. Make a list of items you’d like to order (please write down their item number too) and email them to me along with your phone number. You could even do a screen shot of your cart or copy and paste the text from the web page. (Please don’t click submit order! Online orders will not count towards this goal!) I’ll call or email you and make payment arrangements. Then when the order comes in, I’ll deliver it to you.

Have a party. I do parties on Thursday and Friday nights. Please call me or email me to set a date. In this day and age of email and Facebook and e-vites, you can easily set up a party just a week or two away!

I’ve been looking for a job since July and I’m so excited for this new opportunity with Passion Parties to bring in some income! I really appreciate your support of my new business!


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  1. How much do I love that your FB pages come in hot wings flavors: mild and wild?! (A lot, that’s how much)

    Also….Orgasm in a Jar? Cereally? Are you trying to render the male gender completely redundant?
    Never mind. The redundancy question was rhetorical. 😉
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