How to subscribe to a blog by email (and other important life lessons)

I’m gonna show you how to get notification when Dory (or anyone else for that matter) updates her blog!

Let’s say you only follow a few blogs.

And you’re wearing a leopard skin leotard. That’s right, A LEOPARD LEOTARD. And you feel hawt.

OOOoooOOOooo… something shiny… where was I?

Ah, yes; your blogs. Every day, you open your browser and you click your bookmarks to these blogs, and OH EM GEE that’s THREE WHOLE CLICKS *hand dramatically to forehead* and two of those clicks were WASTED because those bloggers DIDN’T EVEN UPDATE! *falls to the floor in a faint*

(Disclaimer: This blogger may be prone to hyperbole and/or dramatization)

Wouldn’t it be great if Teh Innernetz magically told you when someone updated their blog? Can you imagine the precious milliseconds you could save?

Well, NOW YOU CAN! *Cue triumphant fanfare*

This is how the link looks on my site; you’ll see varying graphics or presentation. Just look for the words “Subscribe by Email.”

Next you’ll see a field to type in your email address.

Then you’ll get a verification email. It’s very important to click the link to verify that you really want a notification that I’ve updated.

*brows furrow, taps temple with finger* Hmmm… they must know me.

They verify your subscription because they can’t imagine you really want to read my drivel so evil people don’t subscribe all over the place using your email address and completely bork up your inbox. Yes, bork up; that’s a very technical, official, professional phrase. And also wonderfully useful for avoiding using the F-bomb.

Anywaaayyy… now you’ll get an email alerting you when I have a new post up! Brought to you by the magic of Teh Innernetz.

Coming soon: How to set up and subscribe in a reader! Which, by the way, is yet another gargantuan time suck!

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    • @A Mother’s Thoughts, Fanks!!! I love to hear that! I mainly wrote this because I have a lot of non-bloggers that read and don’t understand RSS and such. It was so boring, that I had to do SOMETHING with it!

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