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So, I think I may be experiencing a little guanomania. I heard lack of sleep can do that to a person. I’ve been getting 3-4 hours a day for a couple weeks now, and it’s possible I might start talking to trees or looking in the sky for the mother ship.

My hours changed at the first of the year. I was working 8pm-8am on Saturday and Sunday nights, plus a couple 2nd shifts Tuesday and Wednesday. Now I work 12am-8am all through the week and have Friday and Saturday nights off, which is great, right?

The problem is, I CAN’T SLEEP.

Ideally, I should sleep while the kids are in school and the house is quiet, and spend time with Tom and the boys in the evenings. Except instead of sleeping, I lay there and stare at the ceiling with eyes wide open, counting cobwebs and mentally rearranging all the furniture and making an invisible grocery list and writing blog posts in my head. I do this until the sun starts going down and then sleep fitfully a few hours while everyone is home. Which means that I’ve spent ALL DAY LONG in bed, only slept a few hours, and have gotten JACK SHIT accomplished. The house is a mess, the boys aren’t getting their homework and chores done, Mount Laundry is growing exponentially, and I’m misplacing my feces.

NOT GOOD, mah peepull.

I’ve tried diphenhydramine, adv1l pm, trazadone; cutting caffeine and sugar; not eating before and filling up before; blankets over the windows and a sleep mask. I’m at my wit’s end, but then again, I didn’t really have far to go, now, did I?

In other news, I’m almost done with the front of my quilt. It’s so cool to see it all coming together. When I finish the front, I’ll get a pic put up. Then it’s time to do the actual quilting, sewing three layers together. Technically, all I’ve been doing the last few months is sewing. It’s not really quilting until you’re sewing through actual layers.

I put you to sleep just then, didn’t I?

How ironic.

In the dating and personals section, I bring you news of Rocky’s first hickey. Or should I say HICKIES. That’s right; plural. He came home from his girlfriend’s house with HICKIES. Tom’s jaw dropped and he said, “She better have punched you in the neck a couple times, there, Sparky.” He had to wear a turtleneck to church on Sunday. We had a TALK.

In Home & Garden, I emptied every single cupboard in the kitchen, washed the shelves, and put it all back, mostly in different places. This because I opened the cupboard and an avalanche of Tupperware came tumbling out and trapped me underneath. I narrowly escaped calling in a rescue squad. Behold the carnage, mid-project.

IMG_0034 : IMG_0033 : IMG_0032

It wasn’t quite done when Tom got home from work, and I feared there may be a very real danger of his head exploding. Then I’d have something else to clean up! However, his head, is, in fact, intact. For now, anyway.

From our arts department, I’ve been redesigning the shelter’s resident intake packet. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have a designing project! I almost forgot how great it is to get into The Zone, lose a few hours, and experience that creative rush.

And now, Teh Wether.

ENOUGH, WINTER. SNOW– YOU HAZ IT. We got it. You can stop ANYTIME now.

I found a pic of a big bowl of stew to go along with this theme. I’m going to cut Tom and I and the boys out of other pictures and put them in the stew. Someday.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Don’t forget to rinse your bowl and put it in the dishwasher. Do I have MAID tattooed on my forehead? No; no, I most certainly do not.

3 thoughts on “Blog Stew #829

  1. Can’t say it will work since you have tried other methods.. but oddly enough when I cannot sleep the Dollar General no wait Family Dollar?/ Oh heck who ever it is that has the red and black sign sells pm pills that worked awesome for me! And bonus plan they are fairly cheap!

    and O…M…..G… on the Rocky bit…..

  2. I’m so jealous of your motivation with the kitchen project. I only get this done about one cupboard a year. Big internet high five to you sissta!!!!

  3. As someone who’s dealt with insomnia off and on over the years, I find there are generally 2 main causes.

    1. You have too much on your mind and so your anxiety over everything that has to get done means your brain won’t shut off. (I should add that Tim has the problem of shutting his brain off at night, too. When he was on Adderall, it really helped him quiet down enough to sleep. So if you’re actually insured in some way, shape or form, consult a doctor about this option potentially.)

    If it’s not the ADD but just general stress, then you gotta do something. When things are at their worst, I get up and get shit done. Just one or two things, but it calms me down enough to sleep. After all, if I’m going to be awake anyway, might as well lessen the number of things keeping me awake!

    The other option is to write down everything that is stressing you out and create a couple of potential coping mechanisms for them. When it involves things that take a lot of time/effort, I often get more relaxed just by writing out a very simple, basic schedule that breaks down how I’ll get it all done. Like, “This week, I’ll create invitations for everyone to the party. Next week, I’ll send them out. The week after, I’ll brainstorm decorations. The week after that, I’ll buy them.” Sometimes just knowing you have a handle on things — or at least a plan to get a handle on them — will let you relax enough to sleep.

    2. There’s something you don’t want to think about and your brain is keeping you up until you do. It doesn’t happen often. But it does happen to me. If I ignore something for too long, my brain basically decides it will just stay awake until I deal with it. I think it’s my brain’s version of holding its breath. Stupid brain.

    If you do go the doctor route and Adderall doesn’t work, consider Trazadone. It’s completely not addictive, since it’s an anti-depressant that turned out to make people too drowsy to use it for the normal purpose. It also doesn’t leave you groggy. I’ve used it in the past, and my mom’s friend with chronic insomnia uses it as needed.
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