Form an orderly line HERE for autographs, please

Tom was on the news yesterday… he’s at about the -:54 mark.

That last statement at the end? 21 people turned away in one day? That’s my shelter.

And then as Nanner so kindly called to let me know, I was in the paper today… kinda sorta…


We’ll try not to let it get to our big fat heads.

7 thoughts on “Form an orderly line HERE for autographs, please

  1. ‘Ze head, she is already bald, so why not big as well?

    But seriously, it’s really cool that y’all were able to help get the word out. If donations pick up, you’ll have to find other ways to bend the media to your will. 😈

    CityGirls last blog post..It’s ALL About the Food

  2. what types of things do you do there for fundraisers? food drives? Curious because I am the fundraising chair for our local shelter.

  3. @T~ We don’t often have fundraisers, but the few times that we have, people have put on concerts and donated the proceeds to us. They have also food drives and a local radio station has done coat drives for us. We often get in the newspaper or on TV because of what we do, and getting the name out makes a difference, but mostly we are supported by the church community and the different church members as well as the various other food banks and food reservoir in the area. Since we are totally supported by donations, cash contributions are just as necessary as food. If you can contact a local commercial food distributor, you might be able to obtain some of the food stores for larger meals and I know of one shelter that puts on a soup supper every year as a fundraiser.

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