A year ago today, June 12: Cedar Rapids Flood ’08

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Thursday, 6/12/08, roads were closed all over the place and I called into work because I couldn’t figure out a route to get there. We went downtown around 11 and the water was rising rapidly. We went to try to run a couple errands and came back around 1pm. The corner I had been standing on at 11 was covered and the water’s edge was about 20 feet farther up the street. There were lots of people downtown, many sandbagging, but most just there to see the water. There were a few of us with cameras. We went into a parkade and then up into the skywalks so I could take pictures. Then we came back down and we went to that same initial spot and the water’s edge had moved several more feet. The Nat’l Guard came in and started clearing the area that evening.

So hard to believe it’s been a year already.

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  1. Two questions…do the sandbags at the door (of the bank) really help? And WHAT was the big grey box floating hindend over tea kettle?

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