A year ago today, June 11: Cedar Rapids Flood ’08

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Wednesday, 06/11/08, I had to take a bunch of detours to get to work and they started evacuating people. Right after work, we were sitting outside my house and talking about the flood warning; wondering how bad it would get. The forecast was that it would be worse than the flood in 1993. Then 3 fire trucks, 12 cop cars, a huge mobile command center, and 10 Nat’l Guard humvees flew by.

Me and Mah Kizzle ventured down just a little ways from my house to near Czech Village, one of two areas in Cedar Rapids under immediate danger, the other being Ellis Blvd.

Then on the way back home, we were chancing some of the flooded streets because we were all brave in the truck and I got all wet as we went through one intersection and I couldn’t get the window up in time. 🙂

Hard to believe it’s been a year.