Now I’m deaf AND I have a goose-egg on my forehead from bashing it on my desk. HAWSUM.

Really. The stupidity amazes me.

Two months ago, after having some sharp pain in my left ear all day, I woke up the next morning deaf in my left ear. I took me and my deaf ear down to the clinic. I had my chart and request for referral to an ENT from my audiologist. After waiting for a couple hours, a doctor said there was no infection and she couldn’t help further because the clinic doesn’t keep an ENT doctor on staff and didn’t have any partnerships with any in town. She said I’d need to fill out an IowaCare application and then they’d get me seen at the U of I audiology department. I got approved and emailed them my new IowaCare number as soon as I got it.

I waited.

And waited.

And guess what else? Waited.

Two months later, I got a call from IowaCare. She requested my chart, which I had already given the clinic and the clinic should have given them, but ok, whatever. I had my audiologist fax it again.



Oh, and more waited. With a side of waited.

Today, the clinic called and said that the U of I doctor said they didn’t need to see me because they could tell what it was. Apparently, they have a magical crystal ball which miraculously enables them to do this. “They know what the problem is. It’s excess noise,” she said, “and they don’t need to see you.”

“Wait, what? They won’t even see me?”

“Yes. But I know of a program to get you hearing aids.”

*bashes head on desk*

“I already have hearing aids.”

“Oh, you do?”

“Yes. The problem is that I’ve had persistent pain and woke up one day deaf in my left ear.”

“Oh. Um. Well, let me do some more research and call you back.”

Four hours later, someone different called me from the clinic. “An ENT at the U of I can see you on 7-6-09. He comes in around 3pm, but call ahead around noon to see if he’ll be there. Make sure you bring your chart from your audiologist.”

“I’ve already given one to the clinic and one to IowaCare, do they mean a new one?”

“Oh.” *shuffles papers* “There isn’t one here.”

“I’ll get another one, I guess.”

“Well, after this appointment, we can get you hearing aids.”

At that point, my head exploded in a grisly mess all over the floor and walls.


“Oh, you do?”

“Yes. The problem is pain plus complete deafness in my left ear, making the left hearing aid useless.”

“Oh. Well, we’ll see what happens at that appointment then.”

*deep sigh*

The stupidity? It’s sheer length and breadth and depth astonishes me.

This is life without health insurance. Although, it’s probably not that much better for people with insurance, right? I can’t remember; it’s been years since I had any. 

There’s got to be a better way to help out uninsured folks than this IowaCare nonsense. It makes you feel like you’re not worth anything if you don’t have insurance. We don’t qualify for Medicaid because, get this; we make too much money.

7 thoughts on “Now I’m deaf AND I have a goose-egg on my forehead from bashing it on my desk. HAWSUM.

  1. The sad part is that this is one supposed to be one of THE BEST University Hospitals in the world! The doctors in this place apparently are so good they don’t even need to see you to diagnose you. They just guess at it and *poof* there’s your diagnosis! They assign either the student with the most “full of him/herself” attitude that they have or they draw from the dregs of the class to serve patients from IowaCare.
    I have detested the U of I for many years simply based on hearing about the (alleged) greatness of the Hawkeyes. Now I will have another reason, and if they give me too much crap, there will be a third. An assault charge on me by one of the idiot doctors they have on staff. not that it is premeditated or anything. I’m just sayin’.

  2. The Big Boy swears that the only reason he gets up and goes to work every day is to have health insurance. (I think he has more confidence in his “hunting and gathering” skills than I do!) Oh, and have you considered hearing aids? 😉

  3. Hi Dory, how frustrating to be dealing with so many people who don’t have a clue. I hope your appointment goes well and that the ENT specialist does away with the magical crystal ball.

  4. It sounds about the same with or without insurance, really. Except for the magical diagnosis part. They make some effort to appear that they’ve looked you over first. But losing papers? Inability to keep track of your complaint? Yeah. Health care is the biggest joke ever in this country.

  5. Well, I was going to leave a comment. But I don’t have your chart, so I’m afraid you’ll need to bring it with you… And I’m going to have to agree with Country Girl: Clearly, you just need hearing aids. I’m sure they’ll get you fitted for those when you go in… if the doctor shows up that day… and you remember to bring your chart. Oh, and can you stand on your head, chew gum and sing zippity doo dah? It won’t make you any better, but it’ll be entertaining for the rest of us.

    Okay, but seriously, I’ve definitely had the fun of being shuffled around, but nothing this bad. I guess I got lucky, despite being on Medicaid and then Medicare. I do recall that when Tim’s employer took him to the hospital once upon a time, the folks there said the dermatologists weren’t in that day. Tim’s skin had actually healed over so fast that he couldn’t move his neck, unbend his arms, etc. The employer got very serious, raised his voice a bit (he’s a soft-spoken guy normally) and told them in no uncertain terms to page a dermatologist. Now. He ended up being admitted, he was so bad. And they had to give him IV antibiotics, which I’m pretty sure only happens when the staph actually moves into your blood. Fuuuun.

    So, yeah, medical care in this country is ri-donk-ulous. Even the insured have problems, though nothing like the uninsured. Frankly, all these people decrying a national plan as being as bad as Medicare… I think we could do a lot worse. Medicare has problems, but there’s a basic level of service for a relatively affordable amount. And if you want better, more-covered care, you can buy a better plan. Definitely not perfect, but compared to Tim’s $502 a month insurance? Can’t imagine how that’s any better.

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  6. Oh, honey!

    I haven’t been keeping up with my online friends this week – it’s all I can do to throw a post on CG/CG and move on .

    I am SO sorry to hear about this. Jeez. And people are actually FIGHTING universal health care?!

    You know, this sounds like a really good story for the local newspaper…someone who has been covering the healthcare crisis…if you follow my drift.

    Also, if you know who the top-notch ENT is in your area (private and NOT university-affiliated), and you offer to pay cash for an office visit: 1) they’ll probably see you and give you a discount for cash 2) might do pro bono work 3) might work with you on payments.

    Sounds like it is time to stop playing by the rules and move outside the system….

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