Did you ever know that you’re my HEEEEEROOOOO?

It’s that time again, folks; time to celebrate Oh The Joys and Chicky Chicky Baby‘s ROFL Awards. I am all about showing appreciation for anyone making me do a spittake, and I am all about the linky love. It’s all very good for your blog karma. And you don’t want to anger The Karma. She’s a vindictive little bitch.

I’m so happy to give Schmutzie this award. I’ve read her blog for at least a year, and I enjoy her so much. You need to follow her on Twitter if you don’t already, she writes for MamaPop, she’s the proud mama of Grace in Small Things, and she has single-handedly raised a brand new blogging community around it.


Here ya go, Schmutzie. From me to you with linky love for This is Just to Say. This post took me back to my first semester in college when we were studying this poem in American Literature. It was a night class, we were a bunch of snot-nosed, 18-year-old brats ODing on caffeine and greasy pizza, and we thought we were oh so very clever coming up with our own homages to William William’s poem. I wish I had saved mine. Actually, on second thought, I’m glad I didn’t. I’m sure I’m not near as clever as I thought I was!

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. I’m all up outta dis beeyotch, yo.

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