Tell Me Thursday #2


080424_141257‘Em are baby hostas daylilies!

080424_141424I’ve lived in this house for six years in July. Every year, the hostas come up from anywhere around 04/18 to 04/24. Ish. Last year we had a great soft spring rain just as they were coming up, and these shots resulted.

I just wish I had a fancy-shmancy macro lens to get even better pictures this year. I’ve been shopping for a macro lens for a few weeks now, but anything decent is too expensive for me to justify spending the money. I did, however, order a Canon Powershot from Amazon with VIDEO, mah peepull! I found it for even cheaper than 5am’s Clu6 and N3w E99 in case you might be wondering how I justified that purchase. Well, the price and, I’ve been really missing having a point and shoot since Rocky killed the last one.

Next time he wants to video him and his friends skateboarding, he’s just going to have to put up with his lame ol’ Ma doing the shooting, because if he thinks he’s getting his clumsy little hands on the new baby, well, he’s got another think coming, buster.

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