Grace in Small Things 11×365

  1. I haven’t been actually blogging GiST posts as much as I want to. Life happens. But let me just give you one observation that I’ve made. I’ve noticed that every day I look for Grace in Small Things. The motivation started just because I wanted something interesting in my GiST lists instead of same ol’ same ol’ stuff. But then I noticed that I am actively looking for small blessings as I go through my day. Life gets better when you’re cruising through and seeking for something to be grateful.
  2. This new job. It’s lots of hours and it’s overnights– boo. But I can get my online stuff done– answering email, dropping Entrecards, writing posts, reading blogs and commenting, while it’s quiet here and I don’t feel guilty about it like I did when I was doing it at home. YAY! Also, as corny as it sounds, it’s more than just a job. I feel like I’m making a difference in someone’s life at the time they need it most.
  3. I got my first check from the shelter and I feel useful again.
  4. After a couple days of fitful, restless daytime sleep, Hunky got me a sleep mask. What an amazing difference it makes! Last week after I came through 8 straight overnights, most of them 12 hour shifts, I exhausted myself enough to hibernate. I slept for 12 hours straight! When I woke up, I felt like what I imagine a mama bear coming out of a cave for the first time in the spring would feel like.
  5. My iPhone died, Hunky took it to the at&t store, and it was the last day we would have been able to trade it in for a new one on the spot. If we had come in the next day, we would have had to mess with sending it back to Apple and Apple sending us a new one, leaving me without a phone for a few days. YAY!

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