How to play with Pieces of Flair on Facebook (warning: SEVERE TIME SUCK.)

Recently, I sent some Flair to my friends on Facebook, and it came to my attention that some people *gasp* have never wasted eight four hours playing with Flair! Well, my conscience can’t stand that one moment longer when I know I can make a difference. Change starts with the man woman in the mirror, mah peepull.

This lesson assumes you’ve already installed the Pieces of Flair application inside Facebook.

Here’s how to get to Pieces of Flair…


This is going to have a lot of graphics so I better make it easier on mah feedreader peepulls. Go ahead and click through.

Lesson 1: How to accept Pieces of Flair from your friends

Click Gifts…2-clickgifts

Click “accept gift”…3-clickaccept

Bookmark it while you’re at it. All the better to get there faster later so you can waste more time!

Click “Arrange”…


This is what you’ll see…


Don’t forget to “Close Stash” and “Save Changes”!


There’s a few I made and sent… the shot, sign, and the Dory Can’t Remember Diddly! one.

Now that you’ve learned how to accept Pieces of Flair from your friends and show off your Flair, are you ready for Lesson 2?

Lesson 2: How to Make Flair

Click “Make Flair!”


Click “Get Image”…


Select the file you want to use. I decided to make one for The Bloggess, so I just did a screenshot from her blog.

Next, you’ll see this. Slide the zoom to change the size, and drag your image to place it right where you want it.


When you’re happy with it, click “Save it!”

The next screen you’ll get looks like this. Click your choice.


If you select “Yes” the next screen looks like this…


Enter the appropriate information and click “Save”

What good will come of making Flair and keeping it all to yourself?! Share it with all your friends!

I wonder if I can start a trend of bloggers making Flair linked to their blog? Hmmmm…


Now I get to tell you about the dumbass attack I had.

I entered “Bloggess” where it said “Start typing friend’s name” and nothing came up. I quickly assumed I hadn’t added her as a friend. I was all, oh shit, what if she gets pissed that I did that without permission to use her name?! I sent her a message detailing my dumbass-ery. I then clicked “Home” where she promptly popped up in my “Friends” box.

*smacks self in the forehead* D’OH!

Extra Credit: Add a Flair tab to your page to show off your Flair


Go to my Facebook page to see that in action.

Extra Credit: Add a shortcut to Send Flair



Here’s some Flair that made Hunky laugh so hard he literally had tears streaming down his face.

A couple hours later, I walked into his office, and he was sitting there giggling. I was like, what’s so funny? and he was all, *heehee* Bitch, I’m talkin’! *hahaheeheehohoho*

There’s some great Flair out there. I grudgingly admit Hunky and I have wasted many precious hours laughing at Flair together.

That concludes the Facebook lesson. Class dismissed!

6 thoughts on “How to play with Pieces of Flair on Facebook (warning: SEVERE TIME SUCK.)

  1. I like the Obama flair! And I will admit it only here in the confines of your comments that i have spent entirely too much time playing with flair. Fortunately, the novelty has worn off a bit so now I can back to just regular Facebook time-wasting.

  2. While this is well done, it doesn’t address — as is also true of the other tutorials I’ve found — the one issue I was trying to resolve : What is the best way to resize your photos small enough?

    Most of my favorite photos are too big, and even IrfanView won’t compress them enough for the 100 KB limit that is imposed. (I’ve seen others quote a larger limit; it may be the fact that Facebook doesn’t provide me a usable way to “verify” my account, which in some apps seems to allow more space. Even back during the brief period when our phone plan was set to accept texting, FB’s confirmation message system didn’t work.) 👿

    What would you suggest?

    • @Andrea, I’m on a Mac, so I use Preview. I also use Photoshop. Most of the graphics you can grab off the internet are usually small enough from the get-go.

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