Blog Stew #427

1. Update on the hearing aids: Bill said it was $500, not $400, after tax/title/license/service fees/FCC charges/roaming fee/delivery/cork fees. Then that same day a family member, not knowing this last fact, handed me exactly $100 for “my new ears.” WOW.
2. The HAs will be fitted tomorrow. Therefore, today is like Christmas Eve and WILL SANTA EVER COME?! What if I go to bed NOW while it’s still light out?!
3. I finally finished that quilt! Picture for you soon.
4. The human head weighs eight pounds.

2 thoughts on “Blog Stew #427

  1. I’m so excited for you! I told mom to try and call you on Hunk’s phone today when I saw her for lunch. Maybe you were still dancing at that time though. dunno

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