I showed remarkable restraint. At first.

Then as hard as I tried, I couldn’t NOT do it.

Do what? you inquire.

(As an aside, my photoshop powers carry an awesome amount of responsibility which I find immensely easy to ditch when it suits me.)

Well, in way of explanation, first I read this post wherein Tanis is speaking on “ping envy.” (Shuddup, that’s what we call it at our house.)

Then I clicked a link she posted to this website, where I saw this picture:


Well, lookit that! A CityGirl! What a coincidence, I have a CityGirl! She’s one of my best bloggy BFFs, and has perpetual immunity from getting kicked off my Google Reader. I’m 99% sure that she’s subscribed to me, too; which is a state that I am about to place in a very precarious position. A state which is in grave danger and very well could change after I post this:


*ducks and covers*

*peeks out from hiding spot*

CityGirl, you still love me, right? Right?! I get as good as I give, so feel free to wail away on me!

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