I made Blog stew– I’ll do anything to avoid using bullets.

Three things…

ONE– I’m putting together a set on flickr of pictures that would likely appeal to anybody to put in my etsy store. Can you do me a huuuuuuge favor and tell me which one of these four you like best?

1. 090116_125029.jpg  2. 090116_124640.jpg  

3. 090116_125013.jpg  4. 090116_124733.jpg 

Or should I just say screw it and put all four in? Or would that be too much? Thanks!

TWO– What do you think of the rating thingamajingie? It also acts as a threaded comment whatchamacallit so you can reply to each other, not just me. If you fill out a SezWho profile for yourself (it’s quick and free just as Innernetz intended) you can have your little picture dealio and it keeps track of all your comments on any SezWho enabled blogs.

THREE– I finally figured out how to use Entrecard. It wasn’t working in Firefox, so I tried it in Safari, and POOF it worked. Go figure. If you Entrecard too, say so in a comment so I can drop on you. Deb already found me! Actually, and this just occurred to me, I’m going to put a link list of CRD readers who Entrecard right under the Entrecard widget over there to the left! *jumps up and down and claps hands*

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Be careful; there’s blog stew all over the damn floor. Who’s gonna clean up that mess down there?!

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