I’m like, the friggin’ Bionic woman.

Ya’ll know how long I’ve been trying to get hearing aids.

Yesterday I went to talk to an audiologist about possible funding sources that could help me. I thought we’d just talk about that, maybe take my history. He did the whole shpiel, history and testing my hearing, and then much to my surprise, he asked me if I would test-drive a pair of hearing aids right then and there. He did all the programming and fitting, and two and a half hours after I walked into the office, I walked out with one hearing aid and instructions to come back after 3pm for the other one. I’m going to have these about a week as we try to find the funding for me to keep them. 

It has just blown my mind. 

I do have one in-the-ear HA that I got about 10 years ago, but I quit wearing it a few years back because it just wasn’t helping anymore. The difference between that aid and the two that I’m wearing now is absolutely phenomenal.

I didn’t have any idea how much hearing I had lost. 

After I first walked outside, one of the first things I said to Hunky was, “Everything seems bigger!” Of course, he got that smirk on his face and made a smartass comment about how he hoped that would last at least until bedtime. How he makes me swoon.

Just on the way home, I realized, my car makes a lot of noises! I was startled when I heard a police car before I saw him. 

But, seriously; I had no idea how much I was missing. The door makes a chick-chick sound when it shuts. My refrigerator makes noise. My keyboard clickity clacks. The first time the toilet flushed it startled me. My dog is LOUD; I mean really loud when she goes off about someone being in her yard. I watched the first prime time presidential press conference and didn’t use the closed captioning. The sheer number of different sounds coming at me is quite overwhelming. 

The only thing more shocking than putting them on for the first time and having my world explode, is when I take them off at night. After so much stimulation all day, it’s a kind of a relief; it’s peaceful. 

But it’s nice to know they’re there waiting for me in the morning. 

I’ll write more about it if I get to keep them. I’m almost afraid to like them.

5 thoughts on “I’m like, the friggin’ Bionic woman.

  1. How interesting…

    I thought your hearing loss couldn’t be addressed by HA or something, I guess (so, um, no I don’t know how long you’ve been trying to get them, I guess 😯 ). Yes, these puppies are crazy expensive these days, particularly if they’re the larger BTE with lots of amplification oomph. Plus, making them all digital (no more analog) makes them overall more expensive *of course*. Still I wonder if there’s some ways for you to get them at least partly financed thru work rehab or deaf rehab or something….

    I find I *like* being able to control all that sound. And I choose to turn it off when there’s no communication happening, most of the time :-). But then I never learned to use sound to make a picture of my surroundings, and clearly you did (the police car, things seeming “bigger” etc) so that works for you instead of just being random noise.

  2. Oh, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your funding comes through and you get to keep them!

    At the risk of sounding callous, I envy you that you can take them out and shut off all the noise. Sometimes, I wish I could do that 😉

    Andis last blog post..That figures.

  3. That is truly brilliant news. I really hope you get to keep them, or find a way to fund them. I have a friend who was born with only 40% hearing (one side is slightly worse than the other) and has always has hearing aids. When we met in junior high, she had the huge ones, and thus kept her hair long and always down over her ears. I remember slumber parties, she would ask us if we were all done talking (cuz us gals talked all night) and warn us that she was taking out her HA. Then, she would see someone’s lips start moving or feel someone giggling and she’d get all pissed that we started talking again. She ended up becoming a nurse, but had to get funding to purchase a special stethoscope as she couldn’t use a normal one (the aids being in the way).
    Wow, that was a long comment. Sorry if it was boring. 😳

    Mrs. Mustards last blog post..The Perils of Speech Therapy: Riddit, Riddit!

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