Grace in Small Things 10×365

  1. Grace in Small Things 365I’m up for Blogtation of the Year Award! I didn’t even realize mine was a Blogtation of the Month! Well, you better go vote… or at least go over there and just read the quotes, because of course they’re all excellent. I’m going to vote for Jenny, because I did actually LMAO when I read that quote in the original post.  P.S. If you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true.*
  2. Showering with a friend.
  3. Gettin’ PAID for something that’s fun to do.
  4. Kind compliments. I just realized that was dumb. Kind compliments as opposed to the mean compliments?!
  5. Another Etsy sale!

Wage a Battle Against Embitterment With Schmutzie’s 365 Days of Grace in Small Things

*That was a Napoleon Dynamite reference just then. 

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