Grace in Small Things 9×365

  1. Grace in Small Things 365Flexing my design muscles.
  2. A happy client.
  3. Hunky and I cleaning house together this morning. I’m finally feeling… Dory 1, House zip.
  4. Trying and trying and then getting that sweet shot; you feel the shutter click and think, yesssss, that’s the one.
  5. Sun on a napping baby’s face.

Wage a Battle Against Embitterment With Schmutzie’s 365 Days of Grace in Small Things

P.S. Thanks for sticking with me as I try to figure out how to juggle housework, freelancing, projects, and blogging. Well, that, and keeping Teh Crazie at bay. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate winter? No? Because I do. I hate winter with every chilled bone in my body.

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