Grace in Small Things 8×365 (plus one BIG thing.)

  1. Grace in Small Things 365Holding a brand new baby, less than 12 hours old. 
  2. Healthy mommy, too. There was an emergency C-section and I was really worried for a while.
  3. A sale in my Etsy store! 
  4. Higher temperatures I can handle a little better than the below zero crap we had last week. Like, a balmy 20 degrees! It’s a freekin’ heat wave!
  5. I had been praying for a sign that I was on the right track, work-wise; actively pursuing freelance projects and trying to sell my photography. 

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten an answer this clear before.

Look what came in the mail…


Addressed AND return addressed to me, postmarked from California. That’s all the clue I got. Whoever it was, you’re an angel used by God, and I’m infinitely more thankful for the answer than the cash, but DUH the cash helps! I haven’t decided yet how I’m going to spend it, but it will be something for work, of course.

So that, my friends, is how God makes sure you hear your answer.

6 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things 8×365 (plus one BIG thing.)

  1. 😀 Isn’t God good!!!! You just got a HUGE kiss on the forehead by our Father, just to show you how much He truly loves you!!! This is for all of the times you weren’t sure, He saw your tears and the fear you carried in your heart, wondering if He noticed or cared. Now, you know.

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