Weekly Winners for 01/04/2009 – 01/10/2009

January 4 to January 10

Hunky took this one. I was messing around with an idea for another bloggy friend’s design.
IMAG0011.jpg Goggles. Check.


090105_230620.jpg Elli got a flying chicken for Christmas from my friend Kenzie. You’d not believe how excited she gets about this damn thing. He’s got a tubing so you can shoot him sling-shot style and when he lands he makes the loudest, most annoying crowing you ever did hear. She gets so excited before you shoot him, she’s like a coiled spring; whining and begging you to loose him and let ‘er at him. She shoots off like a bat outta hell, then “worries” him, growling and givin’ him the what-for. When she decides she’s killed him, she gives him back so you can make him alive again, and she can kill him all over again. Was this a guess you hadda be there things? Oh, well.

 My man-child. I can see the baby he was and the man he’ll be
at the exact same moment. *deep sigh*

090107_214548.jpg My niece/Goddaughter got a mirror that lights up
and says, “You’re a pretty princess!” and she was enthralled.

090110_192438.jpg This blanket is older than me. It hung on the back of my Gramma’s couch
for years and years, and now it hangs on the back of mine.
If Gramma saw all the cat/dog hair on it, she’d tsk tsk tsk me fo’ sho’.

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Winners for 01/04/2009 – 01/10/2009

  1. I have an old blanket like that too that my great great grandma made. It don’t look all that warm cause the way it was made there are kind of big “holes” in it but man is it sooo warm! I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have it some days when I am freezing lol.

  2. What a great set of pics this week Dory! LOL @ the 1st one! I ♥ the man-child pic & I can SO relate to the sentiments you describe, as I have a son that just turned 13 on 12/7/08~big sigh! Lastly, I ♥ your blanket treasure & especially the story that goes with it~I’m sure you think of your Gramma each time you wrap up w/it to get warm 🙂

    connies last blog post..Weekly Winners=January 4th-10th 2009

  3. I have a threadbare twin-size blanket from…before I can remember. I keep it in a cedar-lined closet and only bring it out when I’m sick. When Hubster comes home and finds me wrapped in the People Blanket, he knows I’m in bad shape.

    CityGirls last blog post..Note to Self:

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