And you don’t even have to come up with more random facts. You’re welcome.

A couple months ago I decided to start participating in Oh The Joys and Chicky Chicky Baby‘s ROFL Awards. I am all about showing appreciation for anyone making me do a spittake, and I am all about the linky love. It’s all very good for your blog karma. And you don’t want to anger The Karma. She’s a vindictive little bitch.

A couple of months ago I found H31n0us, via Maggie, and I am so glad I did! I do love me some bone dry, bitingly sarcastic wit. And H31n0us delivers. And he doesn’t even charge extra!

I do have to warn you though– when he makes you laugh so hard you pee, don’t bother asking him to reimburse you for the cleaning bill incurred for your office chair cushion. I tried, and he just danced around the issue, and when I pushed him on it, he flippantly advised me that F3br3ze takes care of that. *stage whispers* I think he has an endorsement deal with them. *ahem*

Anywho, it was completely inevitable… just a matter of time. I was going to feel compelled to put the two together and nominate H31n0us for a ROFL Award. Because of his hawsumness, it didn’t take long. 


Here ya go, H31n0us. From me to you with linky love for For Those Who Don’t Get It. Bloggers, your very next move needs to be turning on your printer, because you’re going to have to print this off and laminate it for the very next gift-giving opportunity to anyone in your real life that has said, “I really don’t understand your blogging… thing.” This statement is usually uttered paired with a look on their face like you’re standing there in front of them with bubbles coming out your nose. 

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. I’m all up outta dis beeyotch, yo.

1 thought on “And you don’t even have to come up with more random facts. You’re welcome.

  1. I’m sorry I didn’t make it by earlier to thank you profusely. Of course, now I have to check the other nominated blogs. I won’t even mention the extra work you’re just created 😉

    I’ll even go take care of Karma for you…

    Jims last blog post..Spin Cycle: Me? Guilty?

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