Grace in Small Things 4×365

Grace in Small Things 3x365

  1. 2009 = Clean Slate. Bootiful, baby.
  2. Watching The Rose Parade with Hunky on the 50 inch HDTV, just as God intended.
  3. Clean laundry right out of the dryer.
  4. Pieces of quilt all over the living room that are already put together in my brain.
  5. Thick-sliced hickory-smoked floppy bacon. (In Dory-speak, floppy equals medium-rare.)

7 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things 4×365

  1. Floppy bacon is the only way to go!!! But ya still gotta have the hashbrowns with sour cream and cheese on them.. Gosh I miss the days of breakfast with you at Tech park!!!! 🙂

  2. My best friend orders fried pig thusly: “And a side order of limp greasy bacon.”
    She always gets what she wants. It pays to be specific.
    Personally, I like it between limp and fried-brittle. But I’ll eat it any time I can get it. 😀
    Oh, and Dory: I don’t do Twitter yet but I noticed your comment that poop jokes could make even the Pope snicker. Here’s a knock-knock joke for your sons (and, hell, for your husband):
    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    A pileup.
    (Do the rest in your head. It always brings down the house, as long as the house includes anybody with a Y chromosome.)

    Donna Freedmans last blog post..DIY: Make diaper covers from old sweaters

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