Buh-bye now, 2008. You bitch.

A great big ol’ “Good Frickin’ Riddance” to 2008. The important thing is, I’m not bitter.

Some good stuff came out of 2008. 

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Handpicked by yours truly.

January 2008 There’s no place like home. Except your childhood home.  “…I’m not sure how deeply I want to dissect the last few days, because I’m just exhausted; physically, emotionally, and mentally. So we’ll break it down in a safe, distancing, I Use Humor as a Defense, sort of way. Ready… Break!…”

February 2008 My HMO declined to cover that particular ER visit. The bastards.  “…Cut to two thirtysomething women up on bar stools laughing uproariously and weaving back and forth in their seats as only the seriously shnockered can. Several empty shot glasses (one of which has been licked clean)…”

March 2008 The One That Almost Was Not  “…I don’t share Dr. Jekyl side of myself a whole lot; well, I did once and got no comments that post, so I had to conclude that no one wanted to hear that crap, much less put a hand out to steady me. So I thought, Aw hells no, I’m never doing that again. Then I changed my mind…”

April 2008 That’s Alllllll I Waaaaant…  “…Now, never having been in this situation before, let’s just discuss exactly what I pictured Mr. Bondsman to look like. The only thing I have to pull from is Janet Evanovitch’s Stephanie Plum series and Dog The Bounty Hunter…”

May 2008 Stoo-pid is as stoo-pid does. -OR- Life is like a box of cat poop.  “…He so stoo-pid, he chewed the cord on the LitterMaid, gave himself a pretty good jolt, and is now afraid of his own litterbox. In his feeble mind, The Potty Bit-ted Me On My Mouf…”

June 2008 Happy 13th Anniversary! Yay, us!  “…Syllabus…Class: How You Can Can Make Yer Wimminfolk Happy Just Like I do; Instructor: Hunky; Location: Billiards Room; Pre-Reqs: Meaningful Commitment With a Significant Other…”

July 2008 The One Where We Went To Michigan. Again. Now with added contest at the end!  “…At one point, Dino went and sat on Seester’s lap and she leaned into him and deliberately burped in his ear. He turned around to look at her, and completely dead-pan said, “That was HAWT”. I laughed so hard I almost peed. That’s my boy. We’re SO proud…”

August 2008 Mi Casa Es Su Casa times 200 divided by PMS squared. Or something.  “…Now, before we begin, let me warn you that today I am sporting PMS colored glasses…”

September 2008 Where do you send the fire truck if Teh Innernets go up in flames?  “…To the estrogen laden population of my readers, and the testosterone-y ones who have estrogen-laden significant others, I don’t need to explain this next revelation. But just in case there’s one or two readers who I dunno, possibly live in a frat house on a men-only campus on another fooking planet, I will state the obvious…”

October 2008 In. Mah. Damn. HOUSE.  “…About an hour went by, and all of a sudden, I wrinkled my nose and inhaled a little more deeply. Smoke. OMG, something’s on fire! Just then, Hunky came out of his cave office, and said, “Do you smell cigarette smoke?…”

November 2008 (a very hard decision, since I had 30 to choose from, damn NahNoMoFoMe) Smoke and asses and mirrors; that’s what little bloggers are made of.  “…I caught myself starting to whine, “Why don’t I have H8Rs and Trolls and obnoxious Anonymousi spitting their venom all over my comments?” Then I pulled my head out of my ass…”

December 2008
Ain’t no such thing as a homeless playah.
 “…For the most part, the people who are given clothes really need them and are very grateful. Every once in a while, Hunky’ll get the guy who comes in and says, ‘Ah need me a coat.’ and when he’s shown what they have in his size, he says, ‘Ah cain’t wear dat. I’m’a playah.’…”

Top Tall Finger
Goes straight out to 2008. Screw you, man. You sucked. 

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Best wishes of a blessed, happy, and healthy 2009 to you and yours from me and mine.

7 thoughts on “Buh-bye now, 2008. You bitch.

  1. If this year is worse than last…DUDE I am so screwed! I shall salute you 2008 with my tall fingers and bend over for you to kiss my ass! Don’t let the door hit ya in the ass!

    Happy New Years wuuuhman. :mrgreen:

  2. 2008 TOTALLY BLEW!! I have to agree…..My 2009 is looking to BLOW even harder……Atleast the first 4-6 months of 2009 are going to be the worst but then there are the holidays after that I guess so looking into 2009 I am totally f*cked this year! Hope atleast someone has a good 2009.

    BTW…..Happy New Year to you atleast 😉

  3. I predict that in 2009 you are going to begin doing freelance work from home. (hint, hint!)
    As companies are cutting back on salaried employees they are going to rely more and more on vendors, right? So? This is where you step in, save the day, make a tidy little bundle and do it all on your own time!

    The crystal ball isn’t HD, so the details are a little fuzzy, but that’s the general prediction.

    CityGirls last blog post..Don’t Leave! You’re in the Right Place!

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