Weekly Winners for 12/21 – 12/27

December 21 to December 27

I’m getting in late because last night my Flickr plugin quit working and I was hoping it was just a little glitch. But it’s still not working. Dammit. 


Bubbles + Jack Russell Terrier = invisible trampoline


If you look closely at her left eye, you can see the reflection of the Christmas tree 


Can someone help a gal out here? I’ve played and played with my shutter speed and aperture, and I can’t get what I want out of my low light pictures. Especially since I hate using the flash. It’s so harsh and also too attention grabbing when I’m trying to get some good candids.

I’m very frustrated with my new boyfriend, Manual Mode. He’s kind of a persnickity doody head.

(Above) No flash, f/4.4, 1/2 second, and I set the ISO to 400. But the color is weird and it’s not as sharp as I’d like it to be. 

(Below) Flash, f/4.4, 1/60 second… I hate how harsh the light is and how dark the background is. 

What settings do you use for your low light situations?

I’m very determined to work it out with Manual Mode. Perhaps we should try couples counseling.

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Winners for 12/21 – 12/27

  1. Did you maybe try googling about it? I have used google so damn much lately I swear I wouldn’t know what to do with out it! With all the stuff going on here, I have to research alot of stuff ya know. That is my best guess on the shutter speeds and lighting issues, took photography in high school and learned about it but yah that was……..over 10 years ago LOL. That all fell out of my brain a long time ago……Maybe you should go back to school and do photography stuff for a bit, you are always catching great pictures.

  2. I’ve just gotten a new SLR and I’m really excited about it but also trepidatious. At any rate, the main thing I see that fixes your colors is your white balance, so I’d just open up the manual, start mucking with that, and see what happens!

  3. One thing to remember is the longer exposure makes it much harder to keep the photo sharp, unless you have a tripod. I’m still playing around with this same issue. One thing I’ve discovered is there’s usually a “fill flash” mode, which is a less intense flash. Also make sure you have a wide depth of field. And turn on every light in the room to have multiple sources of light…

  4. Try raising your ISO higher. I’m not fond of the flash either….and I definitely find that if you raise it to 800 or even 1200 (although that’s a bit dodgy) it really helps. Also, think about putting lights on in the background…that helps too! I do all this with a little point and shoot….so with a swanky SLR it should be easier.

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