And then, WHOOOOSH, her head burst right into flames.


Forgive the crappy picture, but remember, my son dropped my point and shoot which was kind of a POS anyway, so I was using my camera on the PPC. 

I’m pleased to report that Elli’s new heater is working out just dandy for her. Note the hot pink inside her right ear and the panting. It has a handy thermostat so I can set it to go off right before her little head bursts into flames. So, she is once again crime-fighting in the wee hours of the night, and Cedar Rapids is a little safer on her watch.

Ah, I note the looks of confusion from some of Mah Peepull. I shall explain. You see, my little Jack Russell Terrier has been unveiled as Ghost Dog. She bursts into flames in the middle of the night and heads out on her skateboard (she can’t exactly take the motorcycle; no opposable thumbs) to fight the forces of evil.

It’s quite an interesting story how this all unfolded. Don’t worry; they’re quite short. I beg of you; partake and enjoy. Part OneTwoThreeFourFive

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Please note the fire extinguishers positioned conveniently adjacent to each of the exits.

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