I haz a Innernetz Angel!

It started out to be a pretty crappy day and I was trying very hard not to get the engraved invitations ordered for my pity party. You know, because I’m a worthless, jobless festering boil on the butt of society and stuff, and my unemployment benefits are about to run out. And just try to find a decent job when you have broken ears. Almost every posting is one where you have to use the phone or work in the front lines of customer service, both of which I am unable to do.

And then!

Look what just came for me! I’ve never gotten a package from another blogger before like this! *does a little happy dance*


I loooove Happy Bunny, and that’s homemade cookies and apple butter right there. Mm mm mmmmmmmmmm! I didn’t even get the box all the way open and Hunky was snatching the sugar cookies out of it!

Thank you, Abby! That was so thoughtful of you, and it really made my day! God bless you!

p.s. quit looking at my messy kitchen table.
p.p.s. Abby’s blog casa is I Pick Up Pennies so go say hi!

1 thought on “I haz a Innernetz Angel!

  1. And how about them ungulates, huh??? 😯
    Abby’s mom
    P.S. I used to work at the newspaper that produced the calendar.
    P.P.S. So did Abby, come to think of it: She was the youngest editorial columnist in the newspaper’s history, just 14 when she published her first work there.
    P.P.P.S. Moose are even funnier-lookin’ in real life. Kind of gangly and slobbery.

    Donna Freedmans last blog post..When luxuries become boring (but still pricey)

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