Weekly Winners for 12/14 – 12/20

December 14 to December 20


 Emma hanging out underneath the tree



This was just kind of fun because I was playing in Manual mode (I’m getting more brave!) and this is at 1/4 second.
She’s really fast. She tosses her head in the air and squeaks the ball as much as she can.


Took a walk this week and brought home a bunch of snow shots. This was Hunky’s favorite.


I spent a couple hours playing with Photoshop today… More snow shots coming on Wordless Wednesday!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Winners for 12/14 – 12/20

  1. You are really awesome with the camera! You take some pretty cool shots that turn out to in some ways be mind boggling cause they are so cool and it makes ya wonder how ya did it. I know Kim got a really cool one the night of your party that maybe she will let ya use on here and see how long it takes people to figure out what it is cause if I wouldn’t have watched her take the picture I would have had no clue. I thought I was a camera freak but I think you 2 take the cake LOL. It doesn’t help I need a new camera either cause mine won’t even make it through a night of 4 hours of a band cause I go through so many batteries. Junk camera, it’s only 4 years old and been through hell and back 🙂 Well, hope your birthday was great, I had fun and it was really nice just spending basically the whole day with all of you even at the Mission. Can’t wait to do it again.

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