The One Where it’s My Birfday. Again.




I really don’t feel as old as THIRTY-SIX sounds

Dang, another year shot to hell. Oh, well. What’re ya gonna do?!

Last Friday Hunky surprised me. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going, only that I needed to dress up. He took me to Ames to see The Nutcracker. Very cool. 

I invited a bunch of friends to 5th Gear tomorrow night to celebrate. I’m going to have a button made that says, “No matter how much I beg or plead or cry, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, buy me a shot of Tequila.”

So. 36. Eh, not as much a big a deal as 35 was. I’ve put the check mark in the 35-55 demographic instead of 18-34 for a year now, and it’s not near as traumatic as I thought it would be.  


This is me.

Not much has changed. 
I still get that look on my face when I get drunk and happy.

7 thoughts on “The One Where it’s My Birfday. Again.

  1. Well…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! But that buttons sounds like an invitation to a whole line up of tequila shots to me! LOL I can see it now…….It’s like I am psychic or something! LOL :mrgreen:

  2. I have to agree with Heather, last year at my birthday, i kept saying i didn’t want or need anymore tequila. well i ended up having 14 of them. So good luck with that. You would be better off just saying what you do want. not whatcha don’t. people are evil like that. hahaha. HAPPY BIRFDAY again! can’t wait til tmrw night! woooooooohoooooooooo

  3. Happy Birthday Noodle!!! Hope your day goes super awesome and you gets lots of spoiling.
    Have a blast tomorrow.. my only recomendation is NO TEQUILLA mixed with cheesecake!! LOL 😛

  4. O.K.~ The difference between Tequila (Jose etc.) Versus Tequilla Rose……Tequila=Watch Heather puke fast! Tequila Rose=Tastes like strawberry Nestle Quick LOL…….Tequila needs a chaser inless it’s really really chilled Cabo Wabo….just in my own experiences atleast ROFLMFAO. Just ask Brenda, give me warm Jose with warm Pineapple juice chaser, tat equals garbage can or snow bank FAST!! LOL Hope to see you tonight, but if not, have a great birthday and have alot of fun!!

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