Wordless Wednesday #12 The Birfday Hug


This will be ALMOST Wordless Wednesday; some of these demand explanation.
They’re from my birthday party last year.

Such as this one.  Cathy’s gift to me… you’d think these are for swimming, right?
No. She insisted these are beer goggles.


 Awwww, Donnie’s going to give me a birfday hug….


Ahhh, wait; Kenny, too? Um, ok.


Except they squeezed me so hard *stage whispers* I peed a little,
and then picked me up and put me upside down
so my feet actually hit the ceiling!!!


A nice one of me, Cathy, and Kizzle

I can’t wait to see what happens at this year’s birfday party on Saturday!

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8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #12 The Birfday Hug

  1. I hope I can maybe make it out for a little bit for your birthday…..How come Cathy never gives me cool stuff like that !?!?! LOL I missed my own birthday 11 days ago so maybe if I don’t have kids then I can hang out with you for yours.

  2. Well, if you showed the pics of the guy you were dancing with after you put those goggles on…you would know the goggles works. UGGGGLY! lol

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