Meme-wars of a Blogger

Mah Peepull… the inimitable Grandy over at Functional Schmunctional has tagged me for another Random Things meme. Obviously, I didn’t run fast enough! 

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  3. List 6 random things about yourself
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It’s going to be hard to pull more out of my ass come up with more random things, because I have done this a time or two. I’ll do my best.

  1. I haven’t ridden a bicycle since I was in 8th grade. That was about 22 years ago. But then I bought a motorcycle, took a safety course, and got my license in 05/2007. I don’t really like driving a motorcycle; I’d much rather just be a passenger. When I’m driving, it’s just too scary and out of control. The whole time, all I can think about is how many different incredibly painful ways I could die on that bike. This doesn’t exactly make for a relaxing hobby. But I’m glad I did it, because it made Hunky awfully happy.
  2. I’ve only had one speeding ticket in my whole life. That’s not because I’m careful, it’s because I’m lucky
  3. My dad does stained glass, and I wish I could, too. But I can’t imagine taking on another hobby in addition to sewing and photography and scrapbooking and woodworking and riding on the back of Hunky’s motorcycle. 
  4. I miss the smell of having a real Christmas tree, but it’s just too much hassle. But then again, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas without that smell.
  5. When I was in 6th-12th grade, I played flute in symphonic band and marching band. THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME A BAND GEEK, HUNKY. Back me up, here, Mah Peepull.
  6. I’ve watched the entire series of Friends, all ten seasons, at least five times all the way through. That’s not as bad as it sounds; it’s just that when I’m working on the computer, I like to have it on. I’ve also been through Scrubs seasons 1-6 four times. And Will & Grace seasons 1-4 at least three times, and House seasons 1-3 once. 
  7. Sorry, I’m having to dig in the muck at the bottom. The cars I’ve owned: 1986 Gutless Cutless, 1989 Pontiac Grand Am, 1992 Pontiac Grand Am, 1991 Dodge Dakota, 1990 Dodge Shadow, 1986 Dodge Aries K Car, 1992 Plymouth Acclaim, 2000 Dodge Stratus, 1999 Saturn SL.

So there ya go. I’m not going to tag anyone because I just did less than a month ago, and I’d rather not be lynched or tarred and feathered. And if anyone tags me in the next couple months, my head is going to explode.

5 thoughts on “Meme-wars of a Blogger

  1. Ok, I also played the flute in concert and marching bands all the way through Jr. and Sr. High School. I have been ridiculed since then, but in MY school, it was WAY cool to be in the band. There were cheerleaders, jocks and THE HOTTEST GUY in school (who played the tri-toms… YUM!) Our marching band had an aging hippie for a director, and he arranged songs from the Doobie Brothers, Chicago, etc. for us to play. So we weren’t doing the whole typical marching band thing. We traveled out of state to march in big parades, so it was really a cool experience. But I guess you and I are the only ones who had schools that considered it cool to be in the band, because now everyone I mention it to laughs their butts off at me and calls me a band geek. But we know better, don’t we??? LOL

    Andis last blog post..Goodbye Kiss

  2. I’m tellin ya, the only people that think that it was cool to be in band are the band geeks, BUT!!!!… but I will say that the girls that were not only pretty, but also had brains and a personality were in band. The cheerleaders were 1 dimensional, but band chicks were deep. They were the ones that you had relationships with. The cheerleaders were usually just good for *ahem* more short term solutions.

    Toms last blog post..Considering Proposition 8 in MY world

  3. Thing 2 is on the drumline at her high school. Anyone who doesn’t think the drumline is cool should have their head examined. A full month of standing out in the hot sun for 7 hours a day PLUS practice every single day after school for MONTHS, parades, football games, marching festivals…. It’s HARD work!

    I wish I had the money still that we’ve spent on drums, drum heads, drum sticks, drumline t-shirts, and maybe just a NICKEL an hour that I’ve had to listen to that INCESSANT drumming…..


    I love band geeks, Dory, and I think you are as wonderful as a good fuck….

    Miss Ann Derstoods last blog post..Just between you and me….

  4. I was a band geek 6th-10th grades and then a cheerleader 11-12th. Got to say, band was WAY cooler. Then I didn’t play for [don’t make me age myself, let’s just say 20+ years] until a couple years ago when we put together a church band (yep! three flutes, two clarinets, a recorder, an alto sax, baritone, a french horn, bassoon, and a guy who can hit the bass drum almost all the time on beats 1 & 3. We play hymn arrangements, not praise band stuff).

    Band geeks rock, and we usually have better math skills (except for our bass drum guy, but he gets there early and puts up all the music stands).

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