Grace in Small Things 3×365

  1. I did something today, that yesterday even talking about how scary it was made me literally sob. Today I conquered great big hairy scary FEAR (insert dramatic music interjection here). I introduced myself to a business manager, told them the services I offered, gave them a few of my business cards, and then asked them to pass the spares to anyone they came across needing graphic design services. Much to my own pleasant surprise, I did none of the following: have a massive panic attack, forget essential parts of the English language, or shit myself. I did it. I did it afraid, but I DID IT.
  2. I got new specs fo’ FREE! A friend that works at a lens lab hooked me up with a special program their company does to get folks without insurance new glasses.
  3. Hunky got new specs fo’ FREE, too!
  4. And then aforementioned friend took me out to McDonald’s for lunch.
  5. Hunky got me an early birthday present today. I have “I’ve no job but I’ve got great boots!” boots! Black leather, and they’ve got heels. Like, not motorcycle boots’ “I’ll ride my bike OVER you, bitch” heels; like, “Day-um, Tom, quit grabbing my ass! We’re in public, man!” heels. I don’t get it. The male readers reader here probably understands this phenomenon, but I do not get how heels make our asses hotter.

It was a very good day. *sighs contentedly*

4 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things 3×365

  1. I’m proud of you, chica. Big scary things are, well, big and scary and hard to overcome. So now that you survived it, it’ll be a small scary thing next time. (FYI, glad you didn’t shit yourself. That’s always a mark of achievement in my world. But perhaps I just have low standards.)

    As for the ass-grabbing phenomenon, I have a sneaking hunch that men will use any excuse to grab a piece. That said, I don’t think it’s that the heels necessarily make our asses hotter. It’s that they put them up higher/sticking out a touch, since we walk and stand differently in heels. Thus it becomes even MORE a focus of the man’s attention. More than normal. It’s the same as wearing a low cut shirt: It doesn’t make our breasts hotter. Just means they’re in men’s line of sight more. Which means that they completely occupy men’s brain instead of just 99/100 of the time.

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