How many damn times can I say the word “Comment” in one post?*

Let’s talk about comments.

Hi, I’m Dory, and I’m a commentaholic.

I leave several comments a day at bloggy friends’ casas, and get a leeetil too much of a thrill at every comment I receive.

What leads me to leave commenty love?

  1. Priority One: If I have something worthwhile to add to the discussion. I don’t leave a lame-ass comment just to see if I can bogart someone’s traffic.
  2. If someone leaves me a comment, I will go out of my way to visit their casa and leave them a “Thanks for stopping by” for sure and also another follow-up if I can come up with something decent.
  3. I almost never leave a comment on a post that has more than 20 already, unless: 1-they’ve commented at my casa before; 2-I have something really worthwhile to add; or 3-every once in a while, if I can come up with something halfway witty, I’ll leave a what-the-hell, shot-in-the-dark comment just to see if they’ll visit me.
  4. If it’s a really fantastic post, if I can’t come up with something worthwhile to add, I will still give them a “Excellent post! Brava/o!” or the reaction I had, like “Oh, this one gave me goosebumps” or “Damn you, now I’m all misty-eyed.”
  5. I will go to at least five-ish new blogs on Wordless Wednesday and Weekly Winners to leave a few “Great shot! I like [insert what grabbed me] how you did that there!”

What honks me off?

When I’ve left several (let’s say 10) comments on someone’s blog and they don’t reciprocate even once. Unless their writing affects me very deeply or makes me actually laugh out loud, I’ll drop them off my reader. I just know from experience that if I leave them on my reader, I’ll be annoyed enough that it will color my reception of their writing until I’m using that snarky voice in my head as I read their posts.

What makes my day?

When a Big Boy/Girl Blogger emails a response to a comment I left or an email I wrote them.

What makes my week?

When a Big Boy/Girl Blogger leaves a comment here!

How do I check for follow-up on a comment I left?

I don’t. I don’t like to subscribe to comments because I’m following seventy something blogs in my reader NOW; I think Google Reader would split its pants if I subscribed. And who has time to bookmark that particular comment page to check back later? I’m sorry, not me. I already feel I don’t have enough time in my day. But I love when people respond to my comments via email! When I was at blogspot, I put up a poll to determine whether people preferred my response to them left in comments OR emailed. It was something like 47% to 53%. I’ve been doing both for a while now, and it seems redundant, but I want people to know that I value their input.

What do you prefer; response in comments OR email?

What honks you off? What makes your day/week?

What makes you decide to leave a comment?

*Turns out: 21.
Ratio of the word “comment”
to all other words is 1:25
if anyone’s keeping track.

8 thoughts on “How many damn times can I say the word “Comment” in one post?*

  1. I like all comments…but probably because I only get about 3 or 4 a WEEK….

    But I am bad about answering my comments, usually. I mostly don’t always have the time to answer, because my life is so dang hectic. Usually I will acknowledge and thank all the people who commented at the beginning of my next post, especially if they were very helpful and/or supportive of the previous post.

    If something really strikes me, i will email personally. But I get so few comments, that only happens about once a month or more….

    sorry if I never responded to your comments! If you comment to me, I will try an answer back. but keep in mind I am still learning how to do this comment thing on WP….I dunno how auto reply thingies work…. 😳

    Cissa Firehearts last blog post..It’s time to tell the truth, She broke down, and I broke down, Cause I was tired of lying….

  2. I am like you… I only leave comments if there aren’t a million comments already, all saying the same thing. I don’t feel like I have anything particularly special to add to situations such as those.

    I LOVE getting comments on my blog, even the ones that are relatively simple “Nice post” comments. In the beginning, I replied to comments in my blog but then I realized that when I comment on a blog, I never return to that specific post to see if the author replied to me. And I never subscribe to comments because (like you said) it’s so much junk clogging up my reader. So I have since switched to only emailing replies… unless the person doesn’t give an email, and then I’ll reply on my blog.

    But I always ALWAYS (unless I accidentally miss someone) reply to comments because I am just so damn grateful to get them… LOL

    Andis last blog post..Grace, Too

  3. Okay, it cracks me up that 24 hours after this post, I am commenter number three. Sorry, but that’s FUNNY!

    Over at CGirl/CGirl I KNOW – because SiteMeter tells me so – that we have 19 regular readers. I can tell you where they live. But it’s the same four who comment every time one of us posts something comment-worthy. (one of them being YOU, the other being one of US so that leaves two regular commenters and the occasional Hunk.)

    There is no rhyme or reason.

    City Girls last blog post..Let the people SPEAK!

  4. Oh blimey. I am the world’s worst. I get all bitchy when I write something and get no comments. Especially when I thought it was comment-worthy. But then I almost never show up to reply to those comments I do get. And I go through phases when I don’t comment on the blogs I do read.

    I’m a little comet-like in that respect. By that, I mean I make appearances with big gaps in between. I’m not saying that I’m a mile-wide ball of rock and snow.

    I could blame Google Reader – I know I get a whole bunch of readers every day, but if they don’t come onto the blog itself they’re less likely to comment.

    Currently writing out 1000 times, “Must Try Harder”.

    fatboyfats last blog post..Small mercies

  5. 1st question: Comment responce or email is fine with me. Though, I too get a weebit overly excited when I get a comment.
    2nd question: I hate when someone leaves a comment that has nothing to do with the post-just a random statement that makes no sense. I love the witty and clever comments that make me giggle uncontrollably.
    3rs question: In this case- I felt a connection (not the stalker type). I too am somewhat of a commentaholic.

    Brandys last blog post..You Will Obey Me!

  6. OK OK, I don’t comment too often, usually because I’ve not even figured out how a blogreader works and I do it the old fashioned way. Rest assured though, I do read several times a week. Maybe if I comment more for you…..I’ll get comments too.

  7. I don’t comment because I have this new really technical satellite and an old not-technical computer and IT TAKES FOREVER to get anywhere. Maybe when I break down and buy a new computer?

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