Photoshop Phriday, Episode #2


Sometimes you’re in the mood to Photoshop the hell out of something, but you’re just not coming up with any great ideas.

The creative juices are flowing like molasses in January.

And then maybe you actually come across a couple images begging to be joined, their destinies intertwined and landing squarely in your path. And then you think, thank the Lord above, I’ve got it…

And then you spend about an hour fussing.

And then you lean back and take a look at your finished product. And then you actually laugh out loud at your own work, and happily anticipate the giggle you’re going to hand to your Innernetz Frens on a freeking silver platter….

I anxiously await your chuckles, chortles, and general merriment upon submitting for your approval…

What do you get

when you cross…

Big Smile Woman


Growly Cheetah?

Big Smiley Cheetah!

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