You say “Psycho,” I say… “Sick-o.”

[Pulled this one out of my ideas folder, I probably wrote it when I was temping at the internet directory job earlier this year. Hey, I cleaned house all day then I had a CMA meeting and didn’t get home until 11pm, forgive me.]

magic still lifeOne of the tasks I have is to add generic art according to the heading they’re listed under in the book. We have a mondohumongoginormous art library and we search by keyword for what we need. A lot of times the exact heading doesn’t bring any results but you can intelligently guess at a keyword that will get you what you want. You know, like when “sleep disorder” doesn’t get any candidates, try “snore.”

I was working on one listed under Psychotherapists. That keyword didn’t bring any results, so I took off the -therapists and threw just psycho in there. Then I busted out laughing. Guess what came up?

A surgeon with a chainsaw, a zealous football fan with a beer hat, and the funniest I think, a still life of witchcraft paraphernalia– A whisk broom, a burning candle, a big metal pentagram, tarot cards, and a crystal.

3 thoughts on “You say “Psycho,” I say… “Sick-o.”

  1. @Cissa Fireheart:
    Whew, I’m so glad that you weren’t offended! After I re-read that post, I saw how it could be construed as “Dory thinks that Wiccans=Psycho” and that’s not what I intended at all! I just thought it was funny that that’s what the internet directory company grouped together as “psycho”! And I agree with you on some of those Televangelists! In some of those cases, some would say Fanatic but I would say Psycho! *hums the twilight zone theme*

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