Don’t base your vote on how many Obama or McCain yard signs are in your neighborhood. Kthxbai.

PLEASE VOTE. Brave men and women in uniform have bled and died to give you this privilege.

Barack Obama’s issues page

John McCain’s issues page


This election season, I am so amazed at how many people were actively involved in researching their candidates. This election held many firsts for me; first time I watched the DNC and the RNC, first time I watched the debates, first time I didn’t vote straight party, and the first time I voted Democrat. And it’ll probably be the first time I stay up to watch all the numbers come in at the end of the election.

Lookit me, all growin’ up an’ stuff!

‘Bout damned time.

3 thoughts on “Don’t base your vote on how many Obama or McCain yard signs are in your neighborhood. Kthxbai.

  1. If I could spell better I may be a better writer.

    I am pleased with the outcome of the presidential election. However, I have to mention, cuz you’ll understand my distain, the ignorance that is being passed on from person to person be it cell phone texting or email. I’m completely annoyed, disappointed, and appauled by the ignorance of many of the american people. I won’t even capitalize the word American in that sentence because they are acting so un-american. Racial slurrs, degrading words, ooooo the entire thing is just getting to me. Why can’t people respect a person for the person that they are and not be so mislead by something as insignificant as color or gender. Good for you for voting for the person rather than the party.

  2. @Trienne:
    Amen, seester. Tom and I both are getting emails that are opinions and lies posing as facts, and even worse, outright racism. It’s just so frustrating that people would actually forward such shit. He and I both have had to tell people not to forward any political emails to us. It makes me sad that people would read such utter shit and then say, “Right on!” and forward it to everyone in their address book!

  3. Amen sisters!
    I had to stop my ultra-religious churchy peoples from forwarding whatever lying drivel they got thru the innernets tubes. It got pretty bad near the end of the election. TheWyfe and I are reformed party-line people. I had to do all my investigation from Iraq, but the truth was out there.

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