NahNoMoFoMe 2008

nablopomo08.jpgIt’s that time again, folks… NaBloPoMo is upon us. I managed to do it last year, and apparently I’m just a glutton for punishment, because I’m going to do it again this year.

Have I mentioned I was quoted on Blogtations? Have I also mentioned September’s Blogtations Award? Just in case I forgot, today is the last day to vote for me for September’s Blogtations Award. Have I also mentioned how remarkably lovely you’re all looking today? Really, you’re just fantastic.

I made a new animated header up there. Whadahya think?

4 thoughts on “NahNoMoFoMe 2008

  1. Thanks for the NaBloPoMo badge and countdown encouragement! Nice to meet you and I’ll be checking back frequently because you are just that funny. Had I really been on the ball, I would have found you in time to vote for you. Just keep swimmin’, just keep swimmin’, just keep swimmin’ swimmin’ swimmin’…..

    Ms. Maxwells last blog post..Blog-colored glasses

  2. @jerseygirl89:
    Thank you SO much! And I don’t blame you one bit!

    @Ms. Maxwell:
    Thanks for visiting and I’m SO glad you’ll be back!

    It’s quite the challenge, isn’t it? Last year I came up with some pretty good stuff just because I was pressed to.

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