Maybe Josh Lyman would show up. Brandy has dibs.

City Girl put this up and then through the magic of The Innernets, I kissed her full on the mouth from across the country. Hunky and I have made it through the middle of the 7th season and then we started over again to uncharacteristically practice delayed gratification. City Girl, Brandy, and me need to get together for a West Wing slumber party. Oh, there would be wobbly pop, you bet yer ass there would. And Hunky says he would be hiding in the closet with a digital camcorder.

4 thoughts on “Maybe Josh Lyman would show up. Brandy has dibs.

  1. This made me laugh out loud. I’m all for West Wing themed slumber parties! And thank you for giving me the dibs to my love- Josh Lyman. Followed closely by Sam Seaborne, I love his brain.

    Okay seriously? Just typing their names makes me want to watch again. Particularly the beginning of Season 3 or 4. I love the oldies.

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  2. Brandy can have Josh – I always had a thing for Toby. No surprise coming rom the woman who used to have the hots for (God rest his soul) Tim Russert.

    I could still kill CJ for selling out Toby with the whole astronaut thing. Bitch.

    Fab Boy, don’t do it, brother. She’ll sell you down the road, too! And yes, please do bring the keg of warm lager.

    As for Hunky, we’ll have to have a pillow fight in our panties just to make it worth his while. 😯

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