Wordless Wednesday #2

Ok, so adding words to Wordless Wednesday by definition totally defeats the purpose, but (there is always a but, and sometimes a butt) I feel it’s worth mentioning that I found these pictures I forgot to transfer on my memory card when I was getting my first changing leaves pic put up to show you. Which, if you think about the process, really adds insult to injury. I mean, really, picture me at my desk. I’m sitting here grumbling about changing leaves and then, oh what’s THIS? Oh, yeeeeeah, the last trip to the splash pad the day before school started. And there was much lamenting and weeping and rending of garments and ashes upon the crown of my head. Have I mentioned that I have a bitch of a time with the coming of cooler weather? There is no adjustment. There is colorful cursing that would make a construction trade worker blush, temper tantrums nigh even unto the consult of an exorcist, but there is no adjustment.

[pictobrowser 9087991@N02 72157607341226122]

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Slippery when wet… with the bitter tears of regret.

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #2

  1. That was probly the last real day we sat it the sun. bye bye tans. It was fun just sittin and relaxing while they had fun. *runs to get tissue* I’m gonna miss you summer!!!! *lip starts to quiver* Ok i think im gonna be ok. 😎

    PS. Nice Masthead!!!!!! :mrgreen:

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