Maybe I’ll just hibernate.

I went to pick up the boys from school, and as I was sitting in the car I spied… can it be? No. Not already. But… are those yellow leaves? No. Well, maybe. Wait, yes? My brain dug its heels into the ground like a pet who’s just realized they’re outside the vet’s office. Eventually it came to terms with the inevitable, but my soul was not as calmly accepting.

NoooOOOooo! my soul screamed at the tree with changing leaves.

Buh-bye, summer.


3 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll just hibernate.

  1. This weather is driving me crazy! I highly dislike having to use the heat at 7am when I’m going to work and then being almost warm in the afternoon. Not to mention its barely in the 60’s this week yet my forecast says almost 80 tomorrow.

  2. I remember when the first fall colors inspired anticipatory grief of the worst kind. I dreaded the cooler temperatures, the shorter days, and the loss of summer freedom. Then came hot flashes. Now, I HATE being hot and those first golds and reds of autumn spell relief. *sigh*

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