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Who is Dory?

I am ADD-addled, Deaf, a Believer, a phenomenal wife, a bewildered mom, a fantabulous girlfriend, and an enthusiastic graphic designer, blogger, and photographer. I juggle a husband who’s a therapist, two sons, two cats, two Jack Russell Terriers, and three chickens while heroically coping with a powerful addiction to Photoshop and Twitter. Go to my Google profile.

For those of you just tuning in, I’m Dory, as dubbed by my hunky-husband when we went to see Finding Nemo in the theater. Dory, the little blue tang fish, came on the screen and The Hunk laughed out loud and said, “It’s you! You’re up there on the screen! You’re Dory!”

And Dory stuck.

Within a week, my friends were calling me Dory.

Ah, the joys of ADD. You probably couldn’t even begin to believe what The Hunk puts up with, God love him. ADD with a Generous Dollop o’ Crazy, every… single… day.

Cast of Characters on Da Dory Show:


The whole fam damlee

Dory… me; 42 year old, ADD-addled graphic designer

The Hunk aka Hunky… my husband; a therapist

The Rockstar aka Rocky… my older son, 18; has announced that he is going to be a drummer in a band

The Dinosaur aka Dino… my younger son, 15; has announced that he is going to be a paleontologist


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1 thought on “Dory Data

  1. I LOVE the fact that the Hunk decided you were Dory! I also have two sons and two dogs. But we have two ducks instead of chickens (until spring when Mr. Comfortable is going to find out we’re getting chickens). I’m not deaf I’m supposed to wear hearing aids. I can shout at you and you won’t mind and you can shout at me and I might be able to hear you!
    I have never been diagnosed with ADD and I’m sure I don’t SQUIRREL!

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